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Throw Away Sourdough Starter Flatbread

Prep Time10 minsCook Time5 minsTotal Time15 mins

Tired of throwing away a portion of your sourdough starter before feeding your starter? Then use this recipe to turn that throw away starter into flatbread.
This flatbread has the sour taste from the sourdough, the spinach type flavor from the dried nettle leaf and the nice salty taste from the sea salt.

 sourdough starter (I use Spelt)
 sea salt
 dried nettle leaf
 avocado oil or ghee

Heat up a cast iron griddle pan on medium heat. Brush avocado oil or ghee on the pan.


Stir down the sourdough starter. Place whatever you would normally throw away before feeding your starter in a glass measuring cup with a spout.


Pour the starter from the measuring cup while making a circle with the batter onto the hot griddle pan. Don't worry if you don't make perfect circles. Half of mine have come out in very irregular shapes. :)


While the mixture is cooking sprinkle sea salt and dried nettle leaves on the flatbread.


After a couple of minutes once the edges on the flatbread are dry, you can flip the flatbread to cook the other side.


Continue the steps till batter is used. Let the flatbread cool.

This flatbread is pliable to fold and makes it perfect to hold fillings. Can be cut in triangles and toasted in a toaster oven to make crackers for dipping.