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Sourdough Pizza Dough

If you're looking for an easy digestible sourdough pizza dough, look no further. All you need is an einkorn starter and just a little patience.

 65 g einkorn starter
 1 tsp raw honey
 1 tsp sea salt
 1 tbsp olive oil
 130 g filtered water
 50 g organic sprouted spelt flour
 250 g organic all purpose einkorn flour
The Evening Before (around 7 in the evening)

Place einkorn starter, water, flour, honey, sea salt and olive oil in a large bowl.

*Einkorn starter does not have to be fed first. It can be taken right from the refrigerator.


With your hand or a wooden spoon mix all together till it becomes a shaggy type dough.


The dough will still be sticky but do not add more flour. Form into a ball, cover and let rest on a counter for an hour.


After an hour place a little olive oil on hands and remove dough from the bowl. Stretch the dough and fold over a couple of times. Then form the dough into a tight ball. This is done by picking up the dough and tucking the dough into itself, stretching the dough to form a tight ball.


Grease a plastic resealable bag with a little olive oil and place the ball of dough inside the bag. Place in the refrigerator overnight.

The Next Day (around 11 am)

Take the dough out of the refrigerator and cut in half to make two balls. Each ball of dough will be enough to make a 10 to 12 inch size pizza.


Shape each half of dough into tight balls. As explained above, take the dough and fold it into itself by stretching the dough and pulling the dough into itself. You can also place the dough on the counter and lightly pull the dough to you while shaping the dough into a ball.

The dough will not be sticky and no extra flour is needed to roll the balls of dough.


Place both dough balls into a lightly oiled container with a lid. Let rest on a counter for 6 hours to proof. The dough will spread into a nice disc shape. At this point the pizza dough is ready to use.


Making Pizza!

To make easy delicious pizza I would suggest investing in these items:

parchment paper
pizza peel
pizza stone or cast iron pan
water spray bottle with filtered water inside

About 45 minutes before you want to make your pizza, preheat oven to the highest temperature. I have a pizza stone that always sits in my oven so while the oven is preheating the pizza stone is getting hot.

Take some einkorn flour and sprinkle on the counter. Pat out the dough to make a round 10 to 12 inch circle.

Take a pizza peel and place a piece of parchment paper on the peel and transfer the round pizza dough circle on the peel. Stretching out any dough that became uneven in the process.

Build up the rim of the crust by dimpling the dough with your fingers up to a half inch of the outer circle


Here's the fun part! Add you toppings!

For this particular pizza I drizzled olive oil first, added slivers of garlic, fresh arugula, raw grass-fed cheddar cheese, sheep & goats milk grass fed feta cheese and red pepper flakes.


Turn the oven from high to broil after a couple of minutes, slide the parchment paper with the pizza on it onto the hot pizza stone.

Take a spray bottle and carefully spritz around the outer crust. This practice helps to maintain some of the moisture in the crust.

Bake with the broiler on for about a minute. Then turn the heat back to the highest temperature to bake another minute then rotate the pizza using the pizza peel to even out the baking.

Bake until you're happy with the color and doneness of the pizza. For me it was another minute. So in total my baking time was about 4 minutes.


With the pizza peel, slide the pizza out of the oven and place it on a cutting board. Without burning yourself, you can also pull the corner of the parchment paper to help remove the pizza out of the oven.