Sourdough Jalapeno English MuffinsBy DesireeReady for a little kick in flavor? Try these plant based sourdough jalapeno english muffins! They're great to use for sandwiches especially breakfast sandwiches.
Quick Stewed Purslane GreensBy DesireeThis recipe is a very simple quick stewed greens recipe using purslane. It's a nutritious side dish or can be eaten as a whole meal.
Purslane PestoBy DesireeThis pesto is a great way to use purslane. It's easy to make and great to use as a dip, pasta sauce or base for a pizza.
Heirloom Tomato and Arugula Pesto TurnoversBy DesireeThis turnover just screams summer. It contains fresh heirloom tomatoes only found during the summer and pesto made with farm fresh arugula. This recipe only makes 4 hand held turnovers but it can be doubled.
Sourdough Cardamom Blueberry Coffee/Tea CakeBy DesireeThis quick and easy to make sourdough cardamom blueberry cake is so moist and delicious! It's low in sugar and makes a great addition to a brunch or as a great afternoon snack with a cup of tea.
Amaranth Leaf and Potato SoupBy DesireeThis soup is filled with nutritious veggies, will fill you up and leave you wanting more! Amaranth greens is the starring vegetable here and you can normally find this green at a farmers market or Asian food market.
Blueberry Crumble TartBy DesireeThis blueberry crumble tart is perfect for any time of the day. It's gluten free and plant based. And doesn't take much time to prepare. If you're trying to figure out what to do with all the blueberries you have left from the farmers market, this tart is it!
Einkorn Thin FlatbreadsBy DesireeLooking for an easily digestible flatbread or tortilla shell? Then look no further. This thin flatbread uses einkorn flour which is known to be better to digest then wheat flour or the standard corn meal used for corn tortillas. These flatbreads are so delicious! You'll never want to buy flour tortillas again knowing how easy they are to make.
Einkorn Sourdough English MuffinsBy DesireeIf you love english muffins like I do. You're going to love these einkorn sourdough english muffins! They're easy on the gut, plant based and low in sugar. They're also an excellent base for mini pizzas! 🙂
Carob BreadBy DesireeI can't say enough about this bread. It's a quick bread that's plant based and low in sugar. It's moist and soft but sturdy enough to add nut butter and jam on a slice. There's a depth of flavor in the bread from the sourdough starter, the carob and the addition of reishi mushroom. This recipe is perfect if you're looking for a another way to use your spelt sourdough starter.
Throw Away Sourdough Starter FlatbreadBy DesireeTired of throwing away a portion of your sourdough starter before feeding your starter? Then use this recipe to turn that throw away starter into flatbread. I always feel like it's a waste to throw away some of the starter before feeding it. The reason the throw away process is done is to control your amount of starter. If you weren't throwing some starter away before feeding you would have a massive amount of starter similar to the size of the Stay Puft marshmallow man in the movie Ghostbusters. So that's what I was doing throwing away some of the starter before feeding it. That is until I came upon a video where this ingenious person used their throw away starter for a green onion pancake recipe. So I decided to start using my throw away starter to make sourdough flatbread. This flatbread has great flavor! It has the sour taste from the sourdough, the spinach type flavor from the dried nettle leaf and the nice salty taste from the sea salt. The flatbread is pliable enough to fold and be used as a shell for any filling. The texture is slightly crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle. After cooked I've also tried cutting the flatbread into triangle shapes and placing them in my toaster oven to toast. They became a little crunchy like crackers and make a perfect partner for an avocado dip. 🙂 This recipe is also perfect for making in batches and freezing for later use.
Blackberry Banana CobblerBy DesireeLook no further but here for a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth but in an all natural way! This blackberry cobbler celebrates the sweetness of the summer fruit....blackberries. The recipe is gluten free, dairy free, low in sugar and delicious!
Radish TartBy DesireeThis recipe is a take off an Asian classic dim sum....turnip cake. The traditional way to make turnip cake is with a rice flour batter, dried shrimp, some type of meat and mushrooms. I decided to reconstruct this Asian classic, use all veggies and make a quiche like tart.
Gluten Free Carrot Carrot Waffle SandwichesBy DesireeThese waffles are absolutely divine, they are soft, moist and taste like actual carrot cake! They are gluten free, filling and protein rich! I used a blend of green banana flour and chickpea flour for the waffles and it provided the best consistency. The middle of the waffle sandwiches is a lactose free cream cheese with live active cultures. Or a nondairy cream cheese can be used.
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